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Ceramic workshop

What you will be doing

Have fun, learn and keep a ceramic piece, made by you, in this Workshop on 'Verguinha de Óbidos', in an appropriate place within the walls of the castle of Mui Nobre and Semper Leal Vila de Óbidos.

The Oficina do Bairro, located on Rua Direita, next to Praça de Santa Maria, in Óbidos, has been open to the public for over 20 years. It is here that, working daily and live, ceramic and its artisanal production continues to be highlighted, with special emphasis on ‘Verguinha de Óbidos’. This is a type of handicraft of Italian origin that was lost in time, until Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905), in one of his trips, brought him to Portugal.

Experience is subject to evaluation and availability by our partner

Available  Monday to Saturday

Duration is 4 hours

Spoken in Portuguese, English and French

Hosted by Luíza Duarte Bento from Oficina do Bairro