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Wine Tourism

What you will be doing

Quinta do Sanguinhal

Walking to the vineyards and to the 19th century gardens around the family house.
Visit an old distillery that was in use until 1970. There were produced brandies and grappa.
Visit a pressing-room with stone and wood manual winepresses dated 1871.
Visit an ageing cellar of liquor wines and brandies with 36 barrels.
Taste 6 wines.

Quinta das Cerejeiras

Visit to the exterior of Abel Pereira da Fonseca's home, founder of Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal (C.A.S.), a house designed by the Portuguese renowned arquitect Norte Junior (first half of the 20 th century).
Visit to the Madre de Deus Chapel - 16 th century -, whose walls are covered with 17 th Century tiles.
Walk around the Family House's Garden with its mazes and small charming nooks.
Visit to the museum: old cellar with oak casks, ancient objects and equipments used in C.A.S. wine production history.
Quinta das Cerejeiras Wine Boutique, instaled in the former company's office.

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Subject to evaluation and availability by our partner (Booking in advance)

Available  weekdays at 10h30m and 15h - Weekends by appointment

Duration is about 1h30m

Spoken in Portuguese, English

Hosted by Ana and Catarina - Quinta do Sanguinhal