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From a well-known brand, Kobold is a hygiene and well-being system, with daily cleaning in our accommodation, we often had the feeling that we could improve the service and optimize our time, and cleaning is without a doubt a of the points that we most value and we are really strict.

When it comes to health and wellness, we didn't hesitate and decided to team up with the Kobold team as daily users and consultants, and it was a wise choice.

Flexibility and Versatility

Gone are the days when you had to look for multiple outlets to plug in your vacuum cleaner and got frustrated when the cable didn't reach everywhere.

Top Performance

Ready to use in standard medium suction level and normal brush rotation mode. The required suction mode can be selected on the handle depending on the amount of dirt and dust.

For all surfaces

This nimble, lightweight battery-powered system comes with the electric brush that provides professional cleaning on virtually any carpet or hard floor.

Goodbye allergies

Thanks to its filter system and premium filter bags, the Kobold system is ideal for allergy sufferers as it captures the fine dust particles that can cause allergic reactions.

Always ready

A wireless system and weighing just 3.3 kg, the Kobold battery-powered system is always at hand and ready to tackle any task.

Long battery

Li-ion battery provides up to 80 minutes of autonomy at the lowest setting. By purchasing an additional replacement battery, it is possible to double the operating time.

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